Your quarterly statements from LPL Financial are designed to provide a clear, comprehensive view of your investments. Inside each statement, you’ll find:

  • A summary of key information is presented first on statements.
  • Total values and important changes are highlighted upfront, followed by supporting details.
  • Charts and graphs help you understand your information at a glance.
  • Explanations and disclosures are written in plain, understandable language.
  • If you have questions, your financial professional’s phone number and contact information are on the very first page.

In addition to your quarterly statement, LPL Financial provides a comprehensive yearly statement—and generates a simplified statement in any month when there is qualifying activity in the account.

The Consolidated Portfolio Summary provides a high-level view of all your LPL Financial accounts.

If you have more than one LPL Financial account, but receive separate statements, you won’t see this summary. Ask Bluff City Advisory Group to set up a combined group statement for your accounts.

“Your Portfolio” provides a clear picture of the most important information. Two time ranges compared side by side for more transparent and in-depth account understanding.

A shorter, more concise summary on the first page of your statement can help you quickly focus on account value and high-level changes. Net Investment Returns and Non-Cash Transfers, combines dividends, interest, capital gains, other distributions, fees/expenses and market fluctuations. Details can still be found in the Cash Activity Summary that appears later in the statement.

“Your Accounts” view important account information consolidated for the entire household portfolio. 

“Asset Allocation” summarizes the portfolio’s asset allocation in list and graphical donut chart format. The updated list of asset allocations are:

  1. Equities and Options
  2. Fixed Income
  3. ETPs, Mutual, Closed-End & Interval Funds
  4. Alternative Investments
  5. Annuities
  6. Cash and Cash Equivalents
  7. Other

Your Account Holdings are grouped by investment type, and the value of each security on the last day of the month is displayed. The investment types correspond to those shown in the investment allocation and pie chart in your account-level summary.

“Cash & Cash Equivalents” displays excess cash swept into a money market fund, insured cash account or deposit cash account. The banks holding your insured cash account are also shown, along with dividend/interest paid, and an interest and dividend rate.

“Equities & Options” displays total market value for your equities and options, along with your estimated annual income.

“Exchange-Traded Products, Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Closed-End Funds, and Interval Funds” displays totals for each asset type, providing a clear view of your investment mix. 

Additional sections may appear as part of the account holdings summary, such as Alternative Investments, Annuities, Certificates of Deposit, Municipal Bonds, etc.



In the Account Activity section, the transactions and other activities that have occurred in your account during the month are summarized by type.

“Cash Activity Summary” displays activity information for investment accounts, including year-to-date, current quarter, and since the last statement. Cash activity in/outflows track any cash movements.

“Rate of Return Summary” (Year-end statement only): Performance returns will be displayed for advisory and OMP brokerage accounts.

“Account Activity” summarizes the account activity since the last statement.

“Realized Gain/Loss Year-to-date”: Gains and losses based on cost basis are useful for preparing and actually filing tax returns. Categorized as short term/long term—as displayed when you have liquidated positions from your account*. Total for cost basis, proceeds, short-term gain/loss, and long-term gain/loss are displayed for you if available.

*Please contact Bluff City Advisory Group if you don’t see this information.


“Messages From Your Financial Professional”:

View important messages and updates from your Financial Professional.

Image examples provided are merely an illustration and do not represent an actual statement or account.